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If parts of a telescopic cover are defective or worn, the functionality of a machine is impaired. In the worst case, production is impaired. Downtimes are particularly annoying when only a small spare part is missing and the procurement of this accessory is a long time coming. That is why we always have a wide range of wiper lips, guide parts, rollers, gliders and damping bodies in stock for telescopic covers. If necessary, we can also fall back on a large network of partners so that we can deliver and install urgently needed spare parts quickly and reliably.

Spare parts that are no longer available on the market are reproduced by us true to scale – even in small quantities if required! Precise planning and implementation as well as a high quality standard characterize our production. From new construction to the replacement of individual components, our spare parts service guarantees flexible and fast repairs, so that machine downtimes are reduced to a minimum. You call – we will help immediately!

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