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In the worst-case scenario, the failure of a machine not only means a production standstill, but also a financial loss. With our response times and emergency repairs, we ensure that your telescopic cover is put into operation as quickly as possible. We inspect, maintain and repair telescopic covers of all types. Even with minimal effort a significantly improved performance is possible. Our service department comes to your company for an appraisal. We receive defective telescopic covers and ensure that they are repaired quickly. Of course, we also retrofit older machines with telescopic covers. We reproduce wearing parts made of steel, brass or plastic, which are no longer available on the market true to scale.

For older machines, a retrofit may well make more sense than buying a new one. Part of the retrofitting should always be the telescopic cover. Only then can a machine fully meet modern requirements.

Regular maintenance
Telescopic covers are subject to wear. Some items need to be replaced at short or longer intervals. Timely maintenance prevents downtime and minimizes costs. Regular maintenance saves money.

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