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Zwartmetallbautechnik GmbH Telescopic covers made of steel


Without exception, our products meet the requirements of machine tool construction


In the worst-case scenario, the failure of a machine means production downtime and also a financial loss.


If parts of a telescopic cover are defective or worn, the functionality of a machine is impaired.


We plan, construct, build and, if required, produce spare parts in custom-made products.


100% Made in Germany

Spare parts service & repair ‐ We keep all components necessary for the function of our telescopic steel covers in stock for you.



Among other things, we develop and manufacture telescopic covers, scraper lips, telescopic steel covers, bellows, link aprons, roller blind covers, machine protection


Highest standard

Careful production and reliable delivery of our products – on time and of the highest quality


High system availability guarantees maximum success! Today, no company can afford disruptions in the value chain. The machine has to run. Best permanently.

Functional telescopic covers offer optimal protection against dirt, chips or liquids. We are a well-known provider of individually adapted telescopic covers.

We manufacture individually and, if necessary, in individual parts, with an eye for detail. With well-founded know-how, a wealth of ideas and a large portion of creativity, we ensure fast response times and emergency repairs with our new products, repairs and spare parts.

We have an experienced team of engineers, master craftsmen and professionals who have in-depth knowledge in the field of protective cladding and specially adapted telescopic steel covers and combine performance with passion. A unique selling point is a database adapted to our needs, which guarantees a high degree of precision.

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our customers

“We were helped quickly, economically and professionally”


“Despite the short time, Tidnam and his team managed to support us in a customer-oriented manner”


“We were concerned that the individual requirement for coverage might pose problems. Here, too, we were helped as quickly as possible.”


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