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Without exception our products meet the requirements of the machine tool industry. Together with our customers we develop the optimal protection for their machine. ZMT, as a manufacturer of telescopic covers, has a know‐how acquired over many years when it comes to machine protection.

Universal new Products
We base our new fabrications on our own CAD‐supported software, which enables absolutely precise solutions of up to 60 meters per minute in the manufacture of telescopic covers ‐ thanks to our own extensive database universal for all common types. We manufacture precisely according to your specifications, but can also redesign appropriate covers for machines depending on their design. With or without the help of construction documents and drawings, we develop the optimal telescopic cover for each machine.

The new production of sheet metal cuttings and sheet metal forming is carried out by trained personnel at our partner companies on CNC‐controlled machines. An absolute accuracy of fit is always guaranteed by the joining of the jacket and the rear panel with a tolerance of +/‐ 0.2 millimeters. This process, developed by us, ensures that the new production can be manufactured without long waiting times and fits the machine exactly, regardless of the manufacturer.

Technical modernizations
We are also happy to advise you on the possibilities of technical modernizations guaranteeing maximum protection for man and machine. We ensure that even older machines, which were previously allowed to be operated without covers, are appropriately protected. From the complete replacement of a telescopic cover to the replacement of individual components, thanks to our vertical integration and optimized production processes for ZMT telescopic covers, we can supply congruent new products without longer waiting times. This also applies to “third‐party” telescope covers, as long as it pays off and they are cheaper than a new purchase acquisition.

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