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Zwartmetallbautechnik GmbH Telescopic covers made of steel

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Without exception, our products meet the requirements of machine tool construction


In the worst-case scenario, the failure of a machine means production downtime and also a financial loss.


Sind Teile einer Teleskopabdeckung defekt oder verschlissen, ist die Funktionalität einer Maschine beeinträchtigt.


Wir planen, konstruieren, bauen und stellen auf Wunsch Ersatzteile in Einzelanfertigungen her.

About us

Zwartmetallbautechnik GmbH has been producing telescopic steel covers since 2000.

An assembly process developed by us guarantees the highest level of accuracy. With a tolerance of +/‐ 0.2 mm, rear panels and jacket plates are joined together. Thus, the accuracy from the CNC production can be transferred one to one to the final product. T

Through consistently high reliability and quality, we have been able to gain the trust of numerous companies. Nevertheless, we are continuously striving to increase the efficiency of our production.
Minimal workload with maximum benefit have a positive impact in terms of speed, delivery reliability and quality.

It is aimed to increase the degree of prefabrication in order to reduce costs while maintaining high quality. The joining of jacket and rear panel has been optimized in our company and guarantees perfect fitting accuracy. Such a result can only be achieved if all sheet metal cutting and forming is done on CNC controlled machines. In combination with high‐quality sliders, rollers, wipers and damping strips, the reliable quality telescopic steel cover is created.

The pre‐assembly of the individual components, the connection of the jacket plate with the rear panels to the individual box as well as their final assembly to the telescopic steel cover, is carried out exclusively by our professionals. Each box of a telescopic steel cover is equipped with the optimum stability to withstand the most robust requirements.

Spare parts service & repair ‐ We keep all components necessary for the function of our telescopic steel covers in stock for you. We will be pleased to carry out repairs and maintenance for you by arrangement. Just send us your broken cover or request our service.

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